House Concerts and Listening Room Events are a personal and unique way to experience songs, stories, and connection in a comfortable, intimate setting with your friends, family, or local community.

Live music doesn't have to happen exclusively in club or theater settings - in fact, it can be particularly magical in a living room, backyard, art center and other unique spaces.

The perfect space doesn't have to be big or fancy - just spacious enough to host 25 people or so.  It could be open to the public, or just those you invite.  There are many different ways that it could happen, to suit the preferences of the host. 

If you're concerned your place isn't the right fit, there are plenty other cool options to consider: yoga studios, shops, garages, art galleries, public libraries, church halls, barns, community gardens, even if it's a little snug, part of the charm of these shows is their inherent coziness. 

Some hosts choose to provide appetizers and drinks, while others ask guests to bring a dish and their own beverages.  Most hosts have enough seating for invitees, while some set up folding chairs and others ask guests to bring something to sit own (particularly for outdoor events).

Most hosts have a small P.A. system or rent a system to suit the space.  If we are driving, we can bring our own small P.A. 

To invite guests, you can use individual emails, a private (or public) Facebook event, or Evite - or whatever organization system you're most comfortable with.  

Music can go for as little as 1 hour or as long as 2. Sometimes, depending on how long the music is planned to go, there is a break in the middle to allow people to stretch their legs, get more food, and talk. Spontaneity is part of what makes house concerts a fun and unique music-listening experience!

Hosts ask their guests to contribute a previously agreed upon "suggested donation" when they come through the door (usually $20 per person)  other times, the host chooses to cover the amount themselves.  We like to have a small designated to set up our CDs to sell. 

To set up a date or send an inquiry, please fill out the contact form, thank you!