Electric Blue Dandelion - Nashville Sessions
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Beautiful melodies ... powerful vocals ... soulful and heartfelt music.”

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Electric Blue Dandelion - Nashville Sessions

Raveis Kole Music - Bellingham

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Caramel smooth, emotive vocals and groove driven acoustic guitar rhythms with Kole’s fingerstyle counterpoint and harmonic explorations.”


Thanksgiving (Feel Like Home) Nashville Sessions is a nominee for Best Americana / Folk / Acoustic Song fro the Hollywood Music In Media Awards


One of the most innovative and exciting artists on the music scene, Raveis Kole (pronounced Ray-viss Kole), will release their second album, “Electric Blue Dandelion – Nashville Sessions,” on August 24, 2018.  The project has been recreated and remixed to give the new music a more organic, intimate sound that properly represents their Americana/Folk background. A brand-new song written by Laurie Raveis has been added to the line-up, “Into Me You See (Here & Now),” while “Thanksgiving (Feel Like Home)” gets a complete musical makeover. The project was produced by Nashville’s Jeff Silverman (Allman Brothers, Prince, Rick Springfield), and features some of music city’s top musicians.  

“We wanted to create a very organic, intimate and bold album to best represent our lyrics, music and who we are as artists.  We feel this record does that and more, as the songs are highly accessible with elements of the unexpected,” explains Raveis Kole.  “Americana/Folk is evolving to become a powerful platform for this type of music, and we believe "Electric Blue Dandelion - Nashville Sessions" fits perfectly within this structure while remaining true to our vision of creating art in music.”  

Raveis Kole musical style has been described as artistic, thoughtful and connecting, and with “Electric Blue Dandelion – Nashville Sessions” it spotlights Raveis’ caramel smooth lead vocals and acoustic guitar rhythms against Kole’s background vocals and fingerstyle guitar counterpoint. 

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One of the most innovative and exciting artists on the music scene”

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