A dash of percussive polyrhythms open this innovative and surprising adaptation of Chris Isaak’s classic song of love and loss. Roots Reggae singer Eljai joins in to help a create a dynamic duet that blends seamlessly with the instrumental Jamaican Mento beat created by the ukulele and mandolin. Hand percussion rhythms and deep bass grooves bring an authentic island feel to the collaboration, which also includes additional new lyrics that capture and contribute a splash of hip hop flavor to the mix. The sound of the spring reverb returns a welcome element of the original into the new sound and the multilayered vocal lines weave contagiously across this new landscape.


Wicked Game (feat. Eljai) - Nashville Sessions

Original words and music by Chris Isaak.

Arrangement by Laurie Raveis, Dennis Kole and Jeff Silverman

Additional Lyrics by Eljai, Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole