Strings, guitar and accordion establish a wistful, almost Celtic feeling in the intro. The song segues powerfully into clear and crisp vocals supported by uptempo hand percussion, strings and background vocals which are punctuated by a striking accordion lead. The song ends with an anthemic chorus before briefly returning to the wistful Celtic feel with which it began.


Fearless (All In) - (Nashville Sessions)
Words and Music by Laurie Raveis

Sun’s warmth on my face
I felt good
At ease, steady in place
I felt strong

I never really knew
The heights I could go
Or how I could grow
Until you

I could be fearless
Bursting colors unseen
Lion hearted gift, cool acceptance
I am all in

Ready to push out to sea
The delicate part of me
Strange surroundings
I don’t recognize

I never really knew
The expanse of the unknown
Or how I could be shown
Until you

I could be fearless
Sensing troubadour, blue marine
In the mist, open innocence
I am all in

I never really knew
The love of the soul
Or how I could fall
Into you

Falling into you, fearless