Lyrical counterpoint instrumental entry. Gradual build and dance between vocals and instruments create a sense of urgency and tension in support of vivid lyrics which crescendo until finding transition and release in a resolution of layered vocal and instrumental harmonies.


Electric Blue Dandelion - (Nashville Sessions)
Words and Music by Laurie Raveis

Electric blue dandelion
Bright, sparkling away
Electric blue in my head
Tangled brush no escape
Dizzy space, foggy heat, smacked down, hope defeat
Contained, so strained

Oxygen, me to you

I can’t sleep
Wide awake out of this black hole we creep
I can’t believe it’s true
Too soon to lose you

River damn starts to break
Twilight darkens my way
River shoots acid snowflakes
Cold rush intimidates
Sediment spills, shifts, rock, stone, murky water
Unexplained, what remains

Space and time bend, me to you

I can’t feel
Hold your hand, this black hole is sealed
I can’t believe it’s true
Too soon to lose you

My eyes pull directly to the moon
Nature reshapes sand dunes
Such a sky, electric blue

Energy, Me to you