"The Rave is Raveis Kole" - Raveis Kole Music!

"The Rave is Raveis Kole", is the easiest way to remember how to say and spell Raveis (pronounced Ray-viss) Kole, Singer-songwriter Musicians, Laurie Raveis & Dennis Kole. Thank you to artist, Julia Martin, for coming up with this excellent phrase when trying to correctly spell and say our name!  Friends, Fans, Musicians, Bookers, Music Bloggers, Live Music Reviews, Radio and others have searched for us and mis-spelled, incorrectly spelled, our name Raveis Cole, Ravis Kole, Ravis Cole, Ravies Cole, Reavis Cole,Ravies Kole, Raevis Cole, Travis Cole, Raevis Kole, Ravis Cole, Ravies Kole and Ravies Cole, Raves, Coal, Raveis Cole and on and on, So, easy spelling..., "The Rave is Raveis Kole"! www.raveiskole.com  https://www.raveiskole.com/ creating earthy, organic, Americana, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Singer/Songwriter, Indie, soothing, groovin' groovin, chill, relax, energy, freedom and peace, comfortable in one's on skin.

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