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Studio Album: Electric Blue Dandelion Reviews:
  "Impossible to say how much I enjoyed this album. I have had Electric Blue Dandelion on loop since I first heard it. The female vocals are so clear, so bold, right in the pocket, and such a perfect vessel for the thoughtful and unique lyrics, which invoke such vivid imagery in my head. This album from start to finish is expertly produced, and the melodies are so well written that they are instantly familiar. Something about Ms. Raveis as a vocalist reminds me of a more classic-sounding Liz Phair, who I am also a fan of. The accompanying instrumentals are all so expertly played and mixed, the highlights for me being the piano and the guitar (electric and acoustic). The male vocalist Mr. Kole has a smile to his voice, as though he is thoroughly enjoying every word. He is a delightful counterpart to Ms. Raveis. I loved the whole album but the vocal harmonies at the end of Precipice Forgiveness were particularly lovely for me, with lovely eastern string style accents. My overall favorite has to be Electric Blue Dandelion. Genre-wise I hear tones of rock and blues with a bit of Americana that is at times a nostalgic throw back to your favorite production styles of the past. Buy this album! You will be so happy you did."
---White Sun, 2017 Grammy Winner

Such an amazing album. I have a CD for my personal collection at home. Her vocals are reminiscent of Natalie Merchant. Raveis Kole is a duo to be watching.” 
— Stu Wright, Program Director, WORG

"Raveis Kole exemplifies all that is beautiful about music -- love and compassion with thoughtfulness and imagination.  I love this album!" 
---- Matt Smith, Internationally Acclaimed              Educator/Producer from Austin, TX 

"5 out of 5 stars. This album has become one of my go-to albums in a very short time. The songs are extremely infectious, largely due to the thoughtful and insighful lyrical content"  
---- Cheryl Hodge, Winner, "Best Jazz Song 2013", Hollywood Music & Media Awards 

"The Rave is Raveis Kole" -  Julia "Joules" Martin, artist

"The lead singer does an excellent job on this song (Electric Blue Dandelion) and the arrangement is put together very well.  I was very impressed.  Her voice is dreamy and demanding at the right moments  I'm very impressed with the arrangement (Wicked Game). I compared it to Chris Isaak's version and this version is more upbeat, creative and possibly better than the original. I gotta say its one of the best covers I have ever heard. The lead singer does a fabulous job."
---Art Durivage, Program Director, WIDE

“I have to admit that I am falling in love with this pair! Laurie and Dennis make a formidable duo!…These tracks are pure gold!" Way Out

 "Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole are Raveis Kole, a retro-sounding blast of 1960’s cool. Title track “Electric Blue Dandelion” really captures it all with its pronounced musical swagger, rapturous ‘ahhs’ on the background vocals, and very Janis-bluesy lead vocals. But note their fun side – Chris Isaak’s smouldering “Wicked Game” lightens up considerably in their rhumba-inspired make-over." ---- Dennis Pillon,

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Check out our news page for interviews and the latest news!