Raveis Kole Music - 19Broadway

19Broadway , 17 Broadway Boulevard, Fairfax, CA

WELCOME TO 19 BROADWAY… 19 Broadway in Fairfax, CA is a premier music venue, bar and nightclub in the Bay Area. Having a prime location on Broadway in the heart of the Fairfax nightlife, ensures you’ll be in the heart of what’s happening. Only 14 miles from San Francisco, we are the perfect location for a night out!

We’ve been bringing nightlife to Fairfax and the Bay Area seven nights a week for 30 years. We’re known by both musicians and fans as a major destination for live music in Fairfax. 19 Broadway offers a wide spectrum of musical genres from dance-hall and roots to blues, funk, rock, soul, Americana and jazz. We host a diverse range of international, regional and local artists.