"Electric Blue Dandelion" Added to 28 Radio Stations this week

This week we were added to 28 non-commercial radio stations. Non-commercial radio stations are comprised of college, community and non-profits stations who play tracks of the entire album.  "Electric Blue Dandelion" is available for listening/buying at, as well as…Read more

"Electric Blue Dandelion" Up 9 spots to #84 on AC Top 200 Radio!

This week, commercial radio continues to add/spin our title track, "Electric Blue Dandelion"! And, adds/spins for non-commercial radio stations (community, non-profit and college) is up, playing the entire album, tracks such as, "Holding onto a Rainbow", "Street Penguins" and "Dawn…

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Radio Stations that Added Electric Blue Dandelion week of Oct 7 !

This week, commercial and non-commercial radio stations (community, non-profit and college) continue to add 
"Electric Blue Dandelion"!  And, our spins for our title track single, "Electric Blue Dandelion", and other album tracks
such as "Street Penguins", "Dawn Breaks Through" and…

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Radio stations that Added Electric Blue Dandelion this week!

Bagel Radio  Forest Hills    NY 
Indie 104  Covina    CA 
Iowa Public Radio    Cedar Falls    IA 
KASB    Bellevue    WA 
KBGA    Missoula    MT 
KBPK    Fullterton    CA 
KCFV    St. Louis    MO 
KCWU    Ellensburg    WA 
KDVS    Davis    CA 
KEUL    Girdwood    AK 
KFSK    Petersburg    AK …

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Radio Stations spinning Electric Blue Dandelion - thank you!

Spinning Raveis Kole

EASY    Tuscarawas    OH 
KFMI   Eureka    CA 
KYEE    Alamagordo    NM 
KYTE    Newport    OR 
98.7 The Beach    Miami    FL 
B100    Hungtington    WV 
LITE   Vero Beach    FL 
LOVE94    Hollywood    FL 
KCHE   Cherokee     IA 
WEVR AM   River Falls    WI 
WEVR-FM    River…

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KBOO Adds our album "Electric Blue Dandelion

Thank you KBOO for adding our album, "Electric Blue Dandelion", and to all the other non-commercial stations which will review and play tracks of the entire album!  Non-commercial stations include college, community and non-profits.  

92.9 KISM Interview on Locals Only

Raveis Kole's hour long interview featuring tracks of their new album, "Electric Blue Dandelion", "Holding Onto A Rainbow", "Wicked Game" and "Street Penguins" on 92.9 KISM Locals Only hosted by Pooner Clark