Tucson Folk Fest, Sun Eclipsed by the Moon "Enchanting"

Hello, Laurie here!  Dennis is busy packing, as we are hopping on a jetplane to leave today for Tucson, AZ.   He asked me what I was wearing for our show and I indicated a pink dress. I could see in his expression the thought: “Oh crap, what am I going to wear with pink!”  Thus, the benefit of being the first to pack!

We are performing at the 38th Tucson Folk Festival.  It’s a 3 day festival with 5 stages.  We’ll play on Sunday April 2nd, and we have also been invited to perform in an acoustic showcase at Monterey Court on March 30th.  We are looking forward to sharing some of the new songs off of our upcoming album In the Moment.

Festival Website: https://www.tucsonfolkfest.org/ 

Monterey Court Show: https://www.montereycourtaz.com

Show details on our website: https://raveiskole.com/shows



“Sun Eclipsed by the Moon” is newly released!  If you liked our meditative journey song about the journey of forgiveness “Precipice Forgiveness (Flow is On),” I invite you to sample our latest journey song …

"...an entrancing and melancholy song … a meditative journey through the landscape of the pandemic times:
disparate politics, the horrors of war, particularly the war in Ukraine,
and a longing to connect with people again on a human level.
Through finger-picked guitars, soothing drones and Raveis' angelic voice,
they acknowledge that we're all just stardust—lucky to be here at all,
sharing this planet, at the same time." 
- The Grateful Web

I created a self-inspired open tuning to lay the foundation for the words that followed.  Lyrics came out in reflection, feeling and emotion.  It’s the first time a word solo / rap felt accurate and right.  Dennis uses an effects pedal on the high strung guitar to capture the atmospheric vibe.  We also used the same tambura (a drone) that we featured in “Precipice Forgiveness” (off of our Electric Blue Dandelion album), thanks to Matt Smith who still had the drone stored away!




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“Sun Eclipsed by the Moon” is also played the same way in our live performances, just as you hear it here, in the recording, to showcase our integrated parts, and to work as one to create a dynamic sound with emotion & authenticity, all in a duo arrangement!  

Thank you to our longtime friend, 6 String Ranch’s Matt Smith for co-producing and mixing, and thank you to Nick Landis for mastering, both located in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas!

Enjoy, Laurie and Dennis

Musicians? Oh yeah, we think outside the Bach’s




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